Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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A project of the Rev. James B. Simpson Fellowship at American University’s School of Communication


Our Vetting Process

1. Find the Source

We check every quote for authenticity, referenceability, and context. No quote is published without being checked!

2. Determine Relevance

We won’t just publish anything anyone says. We choose our quotes in the collection based on the state of sociopolitical, geological, scientific, technological, and cultural relevance.

3. Publish and Share

Once we’ve vetted a quote, we add it to the collection here for your reference and use, free of charge.

Not Just American; Worldwide

We have made it our mission to represent not just one culture, but all cultures in our cataloging and archiving of quotes from notable figures and times throughout history.

Reaching the World

Our quote project is unique in its educational reach across the world. We take great pride in the reach, depth, and access our quote database has. For example, check out these amazing statistics of our project since its inception:




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